It is a networked, multimedia, trans-disciplinary exploration of the event that is the 2015 UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) Road World Championships. VCU faculty have focused their energy, enthusiasm, and unique expertise on this event to create an array of energizing learning opportunities. The resultant themes address films and cycling, cross-cultural issues, cycling safety, biking in Richmond, and much, much more. These are opportunities for students to learn by doing and a chance to become “authors.” Within the theme of the section, students will be producing content that will be curated into a “book.”

They’re going to be awesome. You can choose between twenty-four different sections of UNIV 291 to get the perfect bike-race-related topic for you. All of the courses:

  • are 1-credit classes
  • are available at the special discounted rate of $50 (Note: students can enroll in only one of these courses.)
  • are pass/fail courses
  • are online classes (but may have some face-to-face requirements)

Each course will have its own activities, assignments, and requirements.  Most of these courses include requirements for Richmond-based engagement with activities during the week of the bike race itself. Check the course’s web site for details.

No. The special topic courses are separate from the Great VCU Bike Race Book, although both revolve around (pun intended) the bike race.

Sure. New Yorkers are people too.
Now!  Faculty will be tweeting out details and updates.  Search for #vcubrb.
Officially, classes run from August 24 through October 9. However, individual faculty will be using this period in different ways. Check the course’s web site for details.

No.  The intense workload during the week of the bike race itself will demand your full attention.  However, you may find that your work overlaps with or offers opportunities for collaboration with other students’ work.  Discuss these possibilities with your teacher.

It depends on the requirements for a particular section. Check the course’s web site for details.

Every section relates to the bike race in some way. However, the assignments and particular work associated with different sections will vary. Check the course’s web site for details.

Online courses vary significantly. These particular courses will all involve:

  • creating and sharing your work on open digital platforms, primarily
  • interacting with other students online
Probably not. You do need a computer with reliable high-speed Internet access. Check the course’s web site for any additional requirements.

No.  Before the bike race begins, you should have time to learn and practice the techniques needed to participate with your section classmates.

After the Bike Race is over, a committee will look over the finished projects and compile “the best of the best.” This will be showcased online as our “book.” Later we may publish these in a print format, if there’s interest and we can work out all the issues.

We’re glad you asked. Several hashtags are being used in connection with the race:

  • #richmond2015 is the main race hashtag
  • #theworldsatvcu for all VCU race-related activities
  • #vcubrb (for “bike race book”…or is it “be right back?”) is the Great Bike Race Book hashtag
Spandex may be required.
Did we mention, “Check the course’s web site for details”?

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